Our Teachers

To be valued by his/her teacher in a day care center is not just a nice experience, it is a vital one. Our teachers have extensive child care experience, education, and are approved and certified by the State of Illinois. Equally important for us is that they are warm, caring people. Fairyland Nursery School is dedicated to a multi-cultural environment, rich in diversity both in the student groups and teaching staff.

Mrs. Ewa Jelesnianska


My name is Ewa Jelesnianska. I have been at Fairyland for approximately twenty two years and I love every minute of it.

I earned my degree in Early Childhood Education so Fairyland is the perfect place for me. Currently, I am the Director here at Fairyland and my responsibility is providing the school with effective programs and supervising the day-to-day implementation of the program.

I am a mother of three children. I also love to travel, read and listen to music. I feel lucky to be here at Fairyland.

Mrs. Bernarda Redlinska


My name is Bernarda Redlinska. I am an experienced teacher originally from Poland where I received my Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education in the Warsaw University in Bialystok, Poland. I also completed post graduate studies in the same field of knowledge.

In Poland I worked for 10 years in an Elementary School and since the year of 2003 I am at Fairyland. I am gaining new exciting experience from working with children 4-5 years old. I am also working at a Polish school on Saturdays.

I love to read and sing. I am a member of Paderewski Symphony Orchestra Choir here in Chicago, together with my husband and daughter. My cat's name is Melody because she also likes to "sing". I like to work with children on plays and performances.

Mrs. Leny P. David


I'm Leny P. David, and I am the Pre-K Teacher. I have been teaching at Fairyland for almost sixteen  years. I am presently holding a Type-O4 Certificate (Early Childhood Teacher from birth to eight years old,) issued and certified by Illinois State Board of Education. I never had another job besides teaching. I have been a preschool and elementary teacher from Philipines before coming here. Outside of work, I am happily married and a mother of a thirteen -year old girl - Giana. I always value my family, work and friends. That's one thing I want every child in my class to learn :)

Mrs. Rowena B. Nidea


I am a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) at Tarlac State University, Philippines. I am a Master of Professional Studies, major in Educational Management - academic requirements completed. I am a Certified Teacher in Early Childhood by ISBE (age 0 to 3). I have 20 years in the teaching profession. I have been at Fairyland for 15 years. I love teaching children. I also love singing, reading, and cooking.

Mrs. Rachael Encarnacion


I have been working at Fairyland for 21 years.  I am the Teacher Assistant for the 3 year old room. . Even though you need to have a lot of patience to work with children, I enjoy doing it everyday.


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