Covid 19 Drop Off And Pick Up Procedures

1. No Parents inside school until further notice.

2. Parents and children over age 2,must be wearing a mask before staff will be allowed to open the door.

3. The temperature of child will be taken and visual inspection of the child for signs of illness BEFORE child step inside the classroom.

4.  If child(ren) has a fever 100.4 degrees or over or having other sign of illness they are not allowed to stay. They must be 72hr fever free to return.

5. The thermometer will be cleaned with rubbing alcohol between each use.

6. No outside food, cups, bottles with water, toys or additional items can be brought in.

7. Shoes must be changed before the child enters the class.

8. Once the process is complete, staff will take the child to the bathroom to wash hands using CDC guidance, and will be brought to his/hers class.

9. Staff will sign child in and out each day.

                                Pick –Up Procedure

1. Call or text the center when you park @773-725-1246- school line @ 847-409-7872-cell

Staff will bring you child(ren) to the pick-up door.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation!

                           COVID 19 -Daily Health Checks

Staff will take the child's temperature, and perform a visual inspection of the child for sign of illness which could flushed cheeks, rapid breathing or difficulty breathing (without recent physical activity),fatigue, or extreme fussiness. Staff will ask parent if the child is experiencing any of the following.

* Fever or chills   * Unusual Cough  *Unusual of breath or difficulty breathing
* Unusual Fatigue  * Unusual Muscle or body aches   * Unusual Headache
* New loss of taste and smell    * Unusual Sore throat   * Unusual Congestion
* Nausea or vomiting    * Diarrhea

If the child has a fever of 100.4 degrees or over, answers yes to the above symptoms, or fails the visual inspection, the child will not be able to return for 72 hours.

Staff member will record their child's temperature on the daily sign -in sheet.


Staff shall self- monitor and check their temperature, and by clocking in confirm that they do not have a temperature, or are experiencing any of the symptoms above.

Any staff that fails the above will not be allowed to work, and must be free of symptoms for 72 hours, or cleared by negative test result.


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Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday
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During Covid-19 6:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m

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